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We believe in the importance of effective governance and accountable institutions in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The role of good local governance is not only to provide a range of local services, but also to preserve the life of the population, create a space for greater civic participation and dialogue, support market-led and environmentally sustainable local development, and facilitate outcomes that enrich the quality of life of the population.

We work with all government and private sectors to promote improved public administration and to promote the reform of these sectors using human and institutional capacity development approaches.

This also includes working with sectors to promote a more responsive, professional and effective local administration.

We have a group of experts with great knowledge of the economic challenges in the region and our experts work closely with our clients to provide suitable solutions tailored to their specific needs.

We provide a range of services to the public and private sectors and provide national and international NGOs with a variety of solutions.

We believe that successful monitoring and evaluation provides information that translates directly into improved performance. We combine our expertise in qualitative and quantitative assessments across multiple development interventions with our expertise in fostering learning cultures and integrate assessment and monitoring services with analytical solutions

Capacity building and high-quality knowledge management.

We provide high-quality assessments using qualitative methods, including the design, implementation and analysis of tools such as surveys and interviews.

We provide a variety of Educational Reform services including policy reform, spending and finance reform, and school and curriculum reform.

Our services also include evaluating and applying best practices in education, designing and implementing projects aimed at improving public and private education, synchronizing education systems with the global education trend, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating educational projects.

We offer ways to expand economic opportunities, reduce poverty, vulnerability and people’s exposure to risks, and strengthen their ability to manage economic and social risks, such as unemployment, poverty, exclusion and Human Rights.

We provide a range of capabilities and expertise to design, implement and monitor projects aimed at protecting people at economic and social risk.

Consulting services

Thinkers Plan follows several different developmental methods in training to facilitate the user.

Live courses taught inside our premises. Classroom Courses | Offline Course

Distance training | e-learning | online training you can study in all professional courses through the online Thinkers Plan website with the e-learning system from here.

Private study One to One Courses | Private Courses you can study for the e-learning system at a distance or by studying directly at the center’s headquarters.

Workshops and integrated projects / Workshops and Full Projects here the study is aimed directly at users aspiring to study complete projects and have prior knowledge of the programs.

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